Focused on Right Tracking Organizations You had a vision and plan to run a profitable service centric operation, however, you believe you need help to meet expectations and that is what we do best.

At Cos Manzo Consultants we can help you get your Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) or Mortgage Operation right tracked to meet today's challenges. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making intelligent choices that will help improve service and profitability and get your operation performing as expected to realize the vision in the original plan.

Remember it is not as easy as it first appeared or as difficult to get right tracked!

We Can Help Your Organization or Operation Succeed

At Cos Manzo Consultants we identify process and service improvements to keep your organization or operation on the right track so it functions as planned and meets service and financial expectations.

Are you concerned your organization or operation is not running as efficiently as possible? Then have us perform an analysis...our experience can help get you on the right track and performing as planned.

We guide you through the steps that help you meet your service goals and provide you with solutions to protect the future.

Cos is President of Cos Manzo Consultants, LLC a company specializing in working with Credit Unions and CUSOs offering first mortgages. He has more than 40 years experience in Real Estate & Mortgage Banking and for the last 15 years was instrumental in building First Heritage Financial, LLC a mortgage CUSO in Pennsylvania from a single credit union client to serving 63 credit unions. Cos has given presentations at Credit Union Conventions and Lending Conferences, participated in roundtable discussions with the CFPB and served for 5 years on the CUNA Mutual Mortgage Insurance Company's National Insight Panel.