Cos Manzo has more than forty years' experience in real estate sales, finance and mortgage banking. Since 1997 he guided the development of a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) dedicated to providing comprehensive first mortgage services and grew the client list to more than 60 Credit Unions.

We will identify improvements to help your CUSO, Credit Union or Community Bank maximize return on the monetary and human investments you made in your first mortgage they achieve their goals and perform to plan.

Cos Manzo is an experienced Executive Officer, Realtor and Mortgage Banker, having taught real estate for 12 years at the collegiate level. At Cos Manzo Consultants we truly understand the cycle involved in a complete, successful real estate transaction, from the listing, to the agreement of sale, to the mortgage pre-approval, processing and closing, up to selling the loan into the secondary market and loan servicing.

We specialize in Credit Union, Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) and Community Banks. It does not matter whether your operation is a start-up or existing, we will identify improvements to keep your operation right tracked so it functions as planned and meets service and financial expectations. By concentrating on structure, systems, personnel and vendors, we identify performance improvements to get these entities right tracked.

Today it is more important than ever to operate compliantly and as efficiently as possible. Because very few loans provide the service and income benefits of first mortgages...let us help you develop a mortgage focused program for your strategic plan that will help you to grow the volume of this extremely important loan product for your Credit Union. If you are a CUSO, Credit Union or a Community Bank that provides first mortgage services through an in-house staff or a third party provider and believe you need help to meet your goals, please contact us at 215-595-3852 or via email at .