Marketing Strategy Evaluation

Do you know one of the definitions of insanity?

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Marketing is necessary for an organization to prosper and grow and should be an integral part of your organization's strategic plan! Without a comprehensive well planned marketing program you will find it difficult to succeed in today's marketplace.

Let's look at some basic questions;

  • how do you create your marketing budget
  • do you use a MCIF program to help your identify opportunities?
  • do you have an accurate current member profile?
  • do you market using the same approaches you have used for years?
  • how do you measure the success of every marketing effort?

These questions and more must be addressed in order to develop a marketing plan that will generate success for your dollars spent.

If you need some help to develop more productive marketing program, contact Cos Manzo Consultants.