Systems Analysis

We have gotten to the point today where we are so dependent on computer systems and programs...they are considered as important or more important than human resources in order for an organization or operation to succeed today.

With that in mind; when was the last time you evaluated your computer systems and programs to determine:

  • are they cost effective for you to operate today?
  • are they are properly serving your needs?
    • If not, are they are scalable to meet your needs?
  • are they obsolete and need replacing?
  • are there better choices available for you today?

If after some honest evaluation and introspection you decide your present system and program are not serving your needs properly you are then faced with these questions:

  • do you have the money to spend on a new system or program?
  • how do you determine which system or program to buy?
    • what due diligence must you perform to satisfy yourselves and the examiners, before you buy?
    • how much time and resources will this search take?
    • what is a realistic implementation date?
  • must your organization or operation have this new system or program to stay relevant and competitive?
  • how will this impact your staff?